The Goal of Education at Long An


  With our philosophy of “Daily Life Education” and ”Education on Personality”, combining “Seven Learning Fields” and “Ten Basic Abilities”, we cultivate our students to acquire ability to learn and research independently, to make good use of community resources, and to integrate their knowledge. Based on their living experience and learning background, our academic strategies are well developed and our children are therefore well educated by refined teaching skills and approaches. We are devoted to create a happy and warm learning environment for all students.


  The core of our school education is concentrated on the whole-person education, while the complete learning and life education are the main points.  It is the purpose to foster the citizens of 21st century with the humanity, native and international ideology, the democratic disposition, the capability of integration and the willingness of lifelong learning.


  We implement a “9-Year Joint Curricula Plan for Elementary and Junior High Schools” in accordance with the principles of applicability, diversification, individualization, activity, progressive development and marching all together.


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